Monday 27 February 2012

Catching up.

Ahhh, it's been too long and I have been neglecting this old blog of mine, which would be a pity because I have it up and running about 5 years now.

Things as good in the MacCarthaigh house hold. Niall still hasn't a full time job yet but is is keeping very busy with the odd job here and there, keeping up with things about the house and doing voluntary work. He is teaching the board members of a local Credit Union how to use ipads and as you can imagine he is really enjoying that! His health, as usual is good thank God and he is as happy and full of life as he normally is:)

Sean is still loving school. He is really enjoying the tec drawing, wood work, metal work, computers, science and sports and also plays badminton outside school hours on the school premises. He seems to be taking after his first dad and running well. His school has asked him to run in some events that will be coming up soon and I think that pleases not only me but his granny Tess. He is still keeping up with his swimming, training for his two hour sponsor treading water to raise money to keep his sailing boat in the Sailing Club in Carlingford and he has started to attend the gym in Aura. His health is quite poor but we, along with our GP and his Paediatrician. He gets bullied over his height but is coping with it ok.

As for me, well, I am fine. Loving the women's ministery course in Moyra Baptist College and very sad it will be wrapping up for the year soon. Have to get off the lap top! Will be back soon I hope.