Friday 19 August 2011

Looking forwards...

Well, the Summer is almost gone and although we didn't have much heat or sun, as usual I am starting to warm up to the idea of Autumn, my favourite season. This Summer went well for my family. Yes, Niall is still unemployed, but God is stretching and growing us in the midst of all this and I know the joy of going through various trials, cause through it all I see Jesus more clearly and that has got to be good.

Sean is happy. He spent a great five months in school, and has spent the Summer looking forwards to going to 'big' school at the end of this month. We got to the beach a few times and he also went on holidays with his nanny to Cranfield several times which is nice. He enjoyed lots of play and hanging out with kids on the street, lots of lie-ins, sailing most Saturday's in Carlingford, studying a christian book along with me about astronomy and also spending time in the College football grounds with his dog and practicing his javelin. All in all he has had a very good Summer.

I am looking forwards to going to Moira Baptist College in September!!!!!! I, and three other women from our church are hoping to start the three year women's ministry course on the 21st. I am so pleased to be doing this. I wanted to do it four years ago but decided it would be too much to take on with what with teaching Sean at home. I spent a lot of time in the garden and working on community gardening. I also joined the resident's association this year and this has kept me busy.

Niall is forever busy for an unemployed man! Always helping somebody out and he is also working away at his training with FAS. We are also busy during the week working on the slide show of Dundalk for our visit to the local nursing home. It is going down a treat and we are all enjoying the experience.

As usual, the next few days are busy with a wedding tomorrow in Portrush N.I., Niall, Kevin, Stephen and Mick holding a talk in Carlingford on Tuesday while displaying Mick's model Ark in the Carlingford Heritage Centre, outdoor movie for the local kids on our back garden, Sean back to school the following Monday and my sister's wedding that Thursday.

I am grateful to God for bringing us safely through the Summer with only the incident with Sean in hospital to cloud our happiness and even then He answered prayers.

I hope you all had plenty to thank God for and so, on that note, I am happy to let go of Summer and look forwards to shorter evenings, more fires, duvet on bed and time on my own every morning, that is, time with just me and my Lord :0)


Cassandra said...

A women's ministry course sounds wonderful! I hope that it goes well!

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks Cassandra. I know I said it before but I just can't wait till it starts.