Monday 4 July 2011

Fun day in a nursing home!

This morning I had great fun with my family. These past few months it has been on my heart to visit the old folk in the local nursing home and read the bible to them. A sister in the Lord goes there on Wednesdays and Fridays for a few hours and asked me if I would do some kind of craft with them. I had a chat with Niall and came up with an idea that we thought was good. We were going to pick a christian song every week (say Amazing Grace), play a couple of different versions of it, give the people there a bit of background about the writer and a piece of scripture.
Well, the sister didn't think the idea was so good but we did talk things through and came up with another idea which we got to do today.

We got a projector and large screen and showed old and new photos of Dundalk town to the folk. It sure did start some very interesting and fun conversations. After doing that to our captured audience (over 40 people) we finished off with some interesting facts about today's date, the 4th of July. Niall did quite a bit of research into the subject and came up with some interesting facts. One old gent (below in the last photo) called Michael who couldn't be heard very well took quite a while on his walking stick to get to Niall and told him that Louis Armstrong was born on the 4th of July and then walked back to his seat :0)
The lady in the photo above is called the 'Queen of Mondays' as that is her day for attending and she is a bit of a bossy boots, although very nice!!!
By all accounts the staff really liked the slide show and were kind enough to give us refreshments. The nurse in the white coat is Kevin's mum.
All in all it was a fab morning and we are looking forwards to going back every Monday at 11 this month with the option of continuing for many months after that. We were even given some requests by the folks. They want us to look up information on the Internet about some areas in Dundalk where they lived.
We had to laugh, there was even talk about a famous one armed footballer!


Heather L. said...

I am so excited that you are doing this! My mom took us each week to do this kind of thing when we were young and it has enabled me to talk so easily to older people throughout my life. I am hoping for a chance like this for my children. We are starting a visitation at church for the elderly and although we only have two such ladies in our church I think it will be good.

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks for the encouragement Heather. I know it is a thing that some christians do in the US but I don't think we have the same tradition here. At least I haven't come across it yet. I am delighted to finallyl do something like this although I would have perfered if it was reading the bible or something like that. But this is the door GOd opened. I worked in a pretty big nursing home when I was in my twenties as a nurses aid and diversional therapist and loved being with the elderly.
I also hope that it willdo Sean the power of good. We are all set up and ready for next Monday and really looking forwards to it. Niall found a site with lots of photos of Dundalk in it, mostly old photos and so we have plenty to keep us going.