Monday 27 June 2011

A good weekend.

We had a very good weekend as usual thank God.
On Saturday we brought Sean's sailing boat to the sailing club in Carlingford. We signed Sean up for another year's membership and paid the €50 fee to keep the boat there all year which I think is more than reasonable. Sean went out for a sail, Niall went out in the rib and I sat in the club house watching them and chatting to Mike, Philip and Tom. It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I am looking forwards to going again next Saturday.

Yesterday we had a baptism. Tammy, a lady from America got saved recently. She is over here visiting her daughter who is a member of our church and decided to get baptised while here which was brilliant. All went well and we went over to Daniel and Chasity's home for the church lunch.
After that we went to St Helena's Park for the annual Big Fun Day where Niall had a rest and Sean played football for a couple of hours on the green. The team was made up of 14 black boys and 3 white boys... A sign of the times I think :0)

Today I spent all day outside working in my garden. Thankfully the weather has changed. It's not sunny but it is a lot warmer. Last night we were even able to watch a movie out side which was nice.
Hope you are enjoying your Summer wherever you are.


FancyHorse said...

Summer is very hot here! Too hot to enjoy being outside in the daytime, but we do what we have to do, then come inside to cool off. (Most homes, middle-class anyway, and buildings are air-conditioned.)

Sailing sounds like fun, and looks so pretty. I've never done it, and probably won't start now. I'm glad your son is learning at a young age.

Ruth MacC said...

Ah, it's very hard to imagine it being that hot. I had my breakfast outside this morning and am beginning to sneeze. I have had two head colds inside the last month. It's just cold!