Sunday 19 June 2011

Sean's birthday.

Although Sean had his fun day out with his friends on the Saturday, his birthday was the next Tuesday so we started it off by giving him a few small gifts while he was having his breakfast. This was different than what we usually do. When I home schooled him he normally had the week off. However, it was still a nice morning and he was delighted with his gifts. He wasn't expecting much as we had given him his main present on the Saturday. They weren't much, just things I had been picking up in the sales since January.
At tea time Pierre, our student from France, Lisa, Sean's former Russian teacher from Latvia and Kevin joined us for tea. Niall had a job with some customer who paid him partly in cash and partly in the form of a beautiful fresh trout so we had that for our tea and finished it off by singing Happy Birthday to Sean in Russian, English, Irish and French!

Later while Niall and I chilled out Kevin took Sean out into the back garden to give him some tips as to hoe to use the fishing rod I gave him (£2 for rod and reel!!!).

Oh yes, I had my usual can of Root Beer that I have been saving in the bottom of my wardrobe for months now!!! Just two left, for our wedding anniversary and for Christmas. Must see if I can get somebody to get me a few more next time they go to the U.S.

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