Friday 27 May 2011

Neighbour Day & Birthday!

This year my Birthday happened to be on the same day as Neighbour Day. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed pretending to the very young children that I was having a HUGE Birthday party here in the estate with Bouncy castles, face painting, clowns, music, food, magic show etc., and how they were all invited to it lol!!!!!
It's ok, I confessed all and told the truth... eventually :0)

It was a very good Neighbour Day with all of the above organised for us and more. Cluid has another four estates in Dundalk and so a bus load of them came to us to celebrate the day. We also had a friendly visit from our Garda and the Red Cross was there all day. Well done Mandy for doing a lot of the work.

As I speak Niall is in the sitting room doing 'things' and I am not allowed to go in until seven so that's one of the reasons I am blogging.

Anyway, I will update tomorrow, until then, may God continue to bless you.


Cassandra said...

Happy birthday!!!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Ruth!

I'm lost without my iPhone reminding me of the special days on my calendar. It looks like you had tremendous fun on the estate!

I can't wait to see what Niall was up to in the sitting room :)

Love ya lots, Annie xox