Saturday 14 May 2011

Hello there, I thought I would give you an update on what Sean is getting up to these days. He started school in the end of January and thank God he is doing very well, with his academic studies and also with regards to mixing with other children.
Both Sean and I have been mad busy wrapping up his small business that he has been working on since Jan 2010 for earning money to buy himself a sailing boat and I am glad to say that he earned over €1,500 and he is now the proud owner of his first sailing boat!
Another big thing is that he bought his own dog. It's a Collie cross, a mix between a Collie and a Terrier. He is lovely, small, hardly barks at all and is a real soccer dog!
Anyway, here are a few photos of his news... :0)This was a bit of fun. I got €100 from the Resident's Association, bought 48 ceramic pots, soil and flowers and spent a couple of hours going potty with the local kids! A nice gift from the children to the residents I think.

Niall and I took Sean to the Baptist Church in Moyra for the Big Night Out... Great fun as usual! We are looking forwards to going back to Moyra for a teenage night out with Anne and Connor tonight while Niall, Ruairi and John are going to the Morning Star for a quiz night Niall has organised.
Sean at the Animal Sanctuary picking his new pup, Archer.
This little girl from South Africa has become Sean's shadow while Sean, in turn, has become this young man's shadow :0) Pierre is a French student visiting our Church while studying here in DKiT.
Chasity and Daniel organized some of us to re-plant the hanging baskets that Marie's dad had planted last year. It was sad looking at them sitting there all dead and scruffy what with Marie's dad dying last year and I think it was a lovely thing for them to do. I am sure Marie appreciated it when she came back home from her hols in the US.
Marie is still faithfully teaching Sean and the other kids at the Sunday School.

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