Monday 4 April 2011

A tribute to moms.

I have a beautiful book that is full of short stories written by women about their mums. I have it quite a few years and every now and again I take it out and read through some of the stories. I have to be careful because it can leave me feeling very inadequate and it shows me how much I get wrong, but... it also can inspire me to get a move on and do better. Today I was reading a story from Ruth Fenter/Jenter (not sure as the first letter in her second name is not clear) called 'Eyes to see'. Here is some of it...

"Isn't it amazing?" she would say to my brothers and me. "Can't you just see Jesus...?" And then my mother would paint the scene for us-Jesus reaching out His hand and touching the blind man's eyes, taking the little children on His lap, washing His disciple's dirty feet. Through my mother's vivid description of Scriptures, I would see Jesus in ways I'd never seen Him before. And I learned to keep looking for Him in new ways. Those childhood images my mother created for me are forever fixed in my mind-in my thoughts about the person Jesus is and the God He came to earth to represent. My mother thought theology in pictures. And she was always saying, "Can't you just see God...?" And the amazing thing was that I coudl-so clear was the picture she had painted for me.

Not that I always wanted to see. Or always willingly stopped to look. I went through turbulent teenage years when I only had eyes for myself. And still today I can so quickly loose focus-see visions of sugar plum dancing in my head, or find myself gazing wistfully at more of this or more of that-more clothes for my wardrobe, more furniture for my house, more landscaping for my yard.

But when all the sights and sounds of longing are cleared away, I return to the simple gift my mother gave me-the ability to see God's gifts all around me and then quietly sit back, enjoy, and give thanks for what He's given.

Well, what do you think? The part about gazing wistfully at more of this and more of that really struck me. It's something we all fall into now and again and I for one find that the only thing to do at a time like that is to look around at what is in your life, your home, children, friends, husband, neighbourhoods, job etc., and be thankful for what you have and take your mind of what you haven't got because lets face it, isn't there always going to be 'something' we want and don't have?

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Cassandra said...

I have a hard time focusing on God rather than my surroundings. I think that's why I'm so prone to mood swings - too easily influenced by what is going on around me.

What an awesome story, though! To be able to see God through pictures painted by your mother.