Wednesday 13 April 2011

Catching up.

Here are a few photos of what we have been doing around here lately.

One of our monthly women's meetings in Mary O's home.
I went to visit Ethil who attends our church services. Her son thought it was pretty funny that I have a white face and brown legs!

Sean checking out Niall's Christmas gift.
Also, with his first certificate from school... I have to admit it was a bigger deal for me than for him; Poor kid, I made him pose for the photo. Have to stop that kinda thing and remember, he's growing up!
He loves his nerf guns, he and half the kids in the street!

St Patrick's Day Parade is always a winner, even if it was a bit chilly this year.

I walked the Carlingford mini marathon again with Becky and Jacinta.

We have enjoyed the company of some of our friends over the past few Sundays. Pierre, Stephen & Marie,
Daniel & Chasity,
Kevin and Tess.
Sean at JJB playing for his school and reaching the semi finals. Here are some of the Dundalk football players posing with him (!).
Me trying my hand at a spot of baking in my sister's cafe last month (something you definitely don't see me doing too often!)..

Niall took Sean and a friend off to the football ground with the archery set and then another turned up, and then another, and then another...!Well, what have you been up to lately?

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