Tuesday 29 March 2011

Update on Sean

I thought I would give an update on how Sean is getting along with his education these days. Well, I am happy to report that he is doing very well. When he started in St Nicholas' at the end of January he was where he should be with his maths and ahead in all his other subjects except his spellings. I tried for five years to get him to work faster (and eat faster) and never succeeded but two months into school and he's up to speed; It seems there's nothing quite like a healthy dollop of peer pressure to do the trick.
So, he is working faster and his work is neater. He is getting on well with the kids and his teacher. When he was off sick a few weeks ago she phoned him to ask him how he was and tell him that all the kids were asking after him.
Since starting at the end of January he took home a silver cup (for a week) along with a certificate announcing him to be the 'Student of the week' and since then come home with the 'Student of the month!' Finally I have things to put on my fridge, just like all the other mums lol. I was talking to his teacher and the head mistress today and both of them said he is getting on fine, a very pleasant boy and no trouble. (phew!)

I can also report that I am now officially a football mum. Although in the sporting world Sean's forte is swimming he was picked (all be it as a sub) to play in the FAI in JJB for his school this morning. The girl's team did very well and made it to the semi finals and St Nicholas' boy's team made it into the finals and will be playing again on Thursday.

He was bullied a bit in the first week but handled it well I thought and has had no trouble since. He is flying with his essays which doesn't surprise me as he has only to do half the amount in school compared to the amount I used to give him here at home. He is quite concerned about fitting in and checks to see what others are wearing, thinking etc., before doing something himself. This is a new thing but to be expected and I am trying to gently guide him through it and show him that what he thinks is relevant too.

He, along with about sixty other 6th class school boys and girls took their entrance exam in the Bush Post Primary school on Saturday morning. He skipped the Irish and he thinks he did fairly well with the English and maths tests. Unlike other schools, I suspect the test wasn't that hard, it being a technical school and I am glad. I hate the idea of 11 and 12 year olds having to study, work and worry so much at their age over any test.

He is getting along really well with his swimming and is currently working on his third (gold) certificate in the Rookie Life Guard training run by the The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS UK). Hopefully he will be finished that just before the Summer and, Lord willing, he will be training with Irish Water Safety in Aura in the Autumn.
During the Summer he will continue to swim in the pool just for the fun of it and hopefully continue with the ISA sailing in Carlingford Lough, something he does every Summer. As far as I know it will take him this Summer along with last Summer to complete his 4th level; It's a tougher one by all accounts.

For those of you who have been following and praying for Sean and me over the years of home schooling, I thank you. It looks like everything has worked out well and that God took us both through it very successfully with your help and the help of Janet & Kate (teachers), Mick (maritime charts), Lisa (Russian), Kevin (maths)and of course Niall.
I was very aware that it wasn't a popular decision with some family, friends and church members and also, if I messed up on this, I wasn't getting a second chance. So, you can understand my relief and happiness that Sean has 'made the grade' not only academically but also socially and in his chosen sports. (woo hoo, thank you Lord!)

I feel I have to tell you that Niall and I most definitely felt led by the Lord in our decision to home school Sean for 7 years and so, we thank Him so very much for bringing us all through these years.

I started blogging and visiting other people's blogs about five years ago and I cannot tell you how much it has helped me, visiting other people who home schooled their children (or not), learning from them, being very encouraged by them, given advice by them and most importantly, being accepted by them. Many thanks to you all :0)

What's next? Secondary school in the Bush this September...... I had better up the prayers for that one!


Heather L. said...

So glad to hear that Sean is doing so well!!! What an answer to prayer for you and how encouraging to see that homeschooling worked and he is fitting right in!!!

Thanks so much for thinking of Andrew with the postage stamps! He is always pleased to receive any!!! I have my eye on some for the British Royal wedding...for me to keep. :)

Ruth MacC said...

I am very glad Andrew likes the stamps Heather. I have a little nephed living in England so I will email himm now and ask him to ask his mum to save any stamps they get re wedding just for you :0)

To tell you the truth Heather, I am delighted things worked out well with Sean. I had the feeling that some were waiting for me to fail. Firstly, I am very glad for Seans sake that all is well and for the Lord's sake too as we had made the decision on what we believed the Lord wanted us to do, but also for my sake that we didn't make a hash of it.

May God continue to bless you and yur lovely family waith all the work you do home schooling and keep it up Heather. Well done.

You were one of the peoplle who encouraged me these past few years.

God bless