Monday 21 March 2011


I suppose we can be thankful for many things abut who are we thankful to?

My God, help me to be thankful not just for the nice things in my life but also for all the many things that are not in it. Yes, I am grateful for Your salvation, for Christ, for my health, husband, son, church...

Today I am thankful for;

Not waking up on a Sunday morning with a hangover.
Not being confused as to what the truth is for any given situation.
Not blaspheming You.
Not swearing.
Not stealing.
Not going out on the town.
Not being a terrible example to my son.
Not being a single woman.
Not blinded by coveting.
Not tied in knots over what other people think of me.
Not being an enemy to people.
Not hating people.
Not dressing like a trollop.
Not overtly concerned about how I look.
Not being stupid any more (You gave me Your wisdom).
Not being lonely.
Not being afraid of dying.
Not worrying about having money and paying bills.
The buck not having to stop with me any more.

Not being alone...

Thank You God :0)

(I feel like shouting Yehaaa!!!!!!!!!!!)

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