Monday 7 February 2011


I don't have a lot to say today other that the fact that I have had a very peaceful morning. First praying/reading/singing in the sitting room, then a relaxing bath listening to John McAuthor and then the afternoon preparing and cooking lasagna, stew and some veg in the kitchen listening to Lyric FM's lovely classical music. A lot of piano and Cello. It took back to a few nice memories of my life in Dublin when I lived in a house with a double bass and chello player. Many, many moons ago.
Sean went off to school this morning after a whole week off with a bad cold. He stayed back for the homework club which is new to him AND he walked from the school to my sister's cafe in the square which is new for me! I phoned my sister Caroline and she said 'I was just about to text you to let you know the eagle has landed!' Niall is picking him up now.

We have a women's meeting tonight and I prepared a big bowl of yellow and green melon for us girls who are trying to cut down :0)
Niall has to take Sean with him to the two radio shows and after that they will be staying back a while to pre-record a show for next Monday what with it being Valentines and Niall's birthday and all. We are looking forwards to having him home for our special tea that evening... also, Kevin has a girlfriend now so he won't want to be hanging around the studio all night!!!!!!!!!!!!

mmmmm..... looks like I had plenty to say after all :0)


Heather L. said...

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's day and birthday celebration for Niall!!

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks Heather! I am in the middle of decorating the sitting room and kitchen. Over the years I picked up Valentines lights and decorations on the cheap and I really enjoy putting them up once a year, much to Niall and Sean's amusements, fluffy pink heart lights and all!
We are expecting friends over too which is great. I am all full of happy anticipation :0)