Thursday 6 January 2011


Not quite, but today my neighbours children were playing with their new toys in their front garden in a Wendy house! Although it was a bit cold, the sun was shining and there was no breeze so it felt like their was a tough of Spring in the air, which was nice after all the freezing and snowy weather we have has recently.
The grass in my front garden was looking a bit worse for wear after Sean playing in the snow there for a couple of weeks so I took it's life into my hands and mowed it! I know, I have probably killed it but I couldn't face looking at it until the Spring.
It's not only the garden that got an early Spring cleaning, my hallway got a 'once over' too. How I used to envy Jean her wooden, varnished doors and skirting boards. Mine are all painted white and it doesn't take long before they look scruffy after giving them a good scrub. However, today they look just great, (with Sean's help) not that anybody notices :0)

Other news? Well, I got two letters. One from America and one from Australia and both included photos! One from Mary Moore who is Down Under with her daughter who had her first baby and one from Heather. Great hearing from you Heather and I hope to reply soon with some stamps for your boy.
Also, I was given six cans of Root Beer! All the way from the USA. One for tonight, (little Christmas) one for Valentines/Niall's birthday, one for my birthday, Sean's birthday, our anniversary and that leaves me one for Christmas mmmmmmmmmmmmmm......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you all had a good day.

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