Monday 3 January 2011

Hello :0)

Well, I almost forgot how to blog it's been so long.

It's been a while since I have been here but for no other reason other than I was just too busy. I have to prioritise when that happens and this had to go for a while. Nothing major has been going on here in the MacCarthaigh household. Nothing super brilliant or nothing awful either.

I have just been visiting a few blogs, catching up with Internet friends and what they have been doing and I suppose it got me thinking about coming back. I enjoy doing this, being encouraged and stimulated to get on with the hum drum of what normal life can be now and again. I definitely benefit from your blogs and have found these past few years that it is a part of my life that I enjoy and need. So, although I haven't been blogging myself, I have been visiting you guys sometimes and, well, it's good to be back:0)

I suppose the beginning of the year is as good a time as any to jump back in, so let me let you know what I am thinking about for 2011.

Every winter, just before the new year our family usually have a good long talk about the previous year and it's blessings. We remember all the times God helped us and consider how we got on with our promises that we made to God, the ones we make each year. Last year we promised, that with His help, we would support a particular ministry throughout the year. Well with God's help we did it and you know what? It feels good to look back and feel that we did something right. All too often we get things wrong.

I am looking forwards to doing what our family will work towards this year. I think for us, it is much better than resolving to cut out something or eat less etc. Because it is for the Lord and His people, it stirs us on to do better and it keeps us going when we lag a bit and feel like giving up.

As for myself, I look back over 2010 and feel I did ok with Niall, with Sean and with my Church. Spiritually it was an amazingly tough year, very trying but I grew a lot and it was worth every bit of it. I think I have matured spiritually but, I have to say that as every Christian knows, there is no end to learning and maturing in this lifetime so I suspect and hope that there will be plenty of opportunities to live the scripture that says 'Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.' James 1:2. I love this scripture and I know in my heart that the times that I grow the most and become more like Jesus is when my sin is challenged and I am made to give it up. I say made because they are my pets and my flesh love them. Sometimes they have to be wrenched from me!

Our Church is praying over and seeking guidance and God's will about an idea that was put to them a few months ago. We will be having our AGM sometime this month and hopefuly we will know whether we should open up a Christian book stall here in an indoor market in town or not. I am very excited about the idea and hope that it will go ahead. If so, I hope to be involved in working in it on a volentary basis a couple of days a week.

With regards to Sean's project, saving up for a sailing boat, we have saved up €735 since last January. We have a long way to go but I think we have done ok considering. He took €500 and bought a kayak, and his plan is to use it during the next few years and when the time comes to buy the boat he can sell the kayak and add it to the final figure. My sister has sold lots of gifts in her cafe that we made over the winter, especially over the Christmas period and this has helped us very much. Our next idea is a sponsored swim. Sean hopes friends and relatives will sponsor him to tread water in the local pool for over an hour on Valentine's Day. He has, in the past already done it for an hour and hopes he can break his record, so there will be lots of practicing going on over the next few weeks. He is doing well with his swimming and has just completed his bronze Rookie Lifeguard course. Next will be his silver that starts next Thursday.

Niall is still unemployed and doing really well with his computer courses with FAS. He has completer and passed his ECDL which has 7 modules, then he took and passed two MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist). He is currently working on two more specialist modules, Outlook, PowerPoint and a separate course, Business Communications. He would like to do at least two Microsoft Expert modules in the hopes of becoming a Microsoft Master.
I recon all this proves that yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!!!! He is working extremely hard and doing very well. I am proud of him and during all this he is being an extremely good example to Sean... and me.

Well, that's enough for now. May the Lord bless you indeed this coming year and take you through whatever He brings your way.

If your saved, keep talking to Him and read your Bible, that's how He talks to you.

If you're not, talk to God, ask Him to reveal Himself to you and read the Bible, that's how He will answer you!


The syders said...

Welcome Back Ruth! Look forward to reading your posts again...Happy New Year To you X

Cassandra said...

So glad to see you back and posting!

Even though you had a spiritually trying year, it's so nice to see your optimism! Thanks for the reminder to "count it all joy." :)

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks you very much. It's nice to be back and it's nice that you noticed!!! Happy New Year friends.

Heather L. said...

So glad to read the update -- I was behind on reading blogs, so have finally gotten here. :) Glad you made it through 2010 and found yourself growing spiritually, albeit a tough year. I am thankful to say the Lord sustained us through difficulties last year and increased our faith.

Looking forward to hearing more from you this year!