Monday 31 January 2011

Day off.

Yep, Sean is back to school four days and today he is home sick.. Ah well, we are in the sitting room, he in his pj's on the sofa in front of the fire watching Pixar shorts. They are a collection of short cartoons and they are brilliant! (Sean is watching them in Russian:o)

I think he may be back to school on Wednesday.

I went outside today, firstly to sit on my swing seat in the back garden for the first time in months. It was just for a few minutes but it was lovely and put me in the mind of Spring so I got a bag and went out front to pick up some litter... a lot of litter so the place would look a bit nicer. Anyway, as I was in one of the corners admiring the work the local kids and I have done in years past, planting bushes and ivys, I noticed some daffodils appearing in the soil. I planted them last Autumn and had forgot about them. It's a nice sign that Spring in on the way and with that sunny warm weather.
When I wen't indoors the fire was well on the way in the cosy sitting room so I looked up 'National Spring Clean' on the lap top and signed up again so the local kids and I could join in and organize a big clean up of our estate this April.

Yes, I feel Spring is not too far away :0)

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