Tuesday 11 January 2011

Memories of December 2010

Mum and her 'tiny' piece of Christmas cake!!!
This is a Guard that came aboard our double decker bus to accept a gift and card from us.

Sean and the kids had great fun with all the snow.

Niall clearing a path outside the Church Centre.
Visitors from NI staying for lunch.
Sean finished his 'Rookie Life Guard' training for the season. Here he is using his pyjamas to help him float!
Visiting family.
Ringing in the New Year at the radio station with friends.
Lunch in TGI Fridays on our way home from our stay in Dublin.

The Phoenix Park on Christmas Day!!!
This is where our President lives. We dropped in a Christian English/Irish calendar for her.

Sean enjoying Niall's gift.

Chilling out with games and going to the movies.

More fun on our bus sight/light seeing tour. This time a fireman came on board to wish us a Happy Christmas and accept a gift and card from us.

We are still working on making up gifts for Sean to sell, raising money for his boat. He sold plenty of them what with it being Christmas and all.

Our soldiers were out in force clearing the foot paths during the worst of the cold weather.
Having fun with a neighbour.


Cassandra said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!

Ruth MacC said...

Yes, we did! We don't usually have so much snow, particularly before December.
Do you celebrate Christmas? Haven't had much of a chance to pop over to your blog yet. Will try to soon :0)
It's always nice hearing from you Cassandra.

Heather L. said...

Loved all the pictures!!! it is so good to catch up a bit with you. I've missed hearing about your life.

Ruth MacC said...

Ah, thanks Heather! I appreciate that. I loved getting your mail. It was such a nce surprise. I have the photo on my fridge :0)

Ruth said...

It's good to see you're back! I love the pictures!

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks Ruth. It's real nice to hear from you :0)

Hope all is well.