Tuesday 18 May 2010

Things have been a bit hectic here these days. A man we know had been dying in hospital and so we have been praying and visiting and consoling. He eventually died and was buried last Monday. He had no children but left a wife behind who is old and has been ill for a very long time. She is in respite in a local nursing home for a week and although Niall has visited her twice, I haven't made it yet.
A family friend flew out to one of the Canary Islands last week to be married and so eight of my siblings flew out to attend. I looked after a six month old great nephew for eight days. He is one of the nicest and well behaved babies I have ever known and yet it was still tough, getting up for the night time feeds and attending him around the clock.

Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, you know?

Sometimes I think that I get too busy with the day to day stuff and then find it hard to catch up and care for the needy members of the body/church. There are a few who need a lot of attention and I am not sure if I neglect them and feel guilty, or if I don't neglect them but am left feeling like I can never do enough and feel guilty anyway...

I find it a hard thing to measure. I wish I knew what to do. I wish I could talk to somebody about it.


Cassandra said...

I agree with you about getting so busy and then not having time to minister to other people. I don't feel like I am doing enough as almost all of my time is spent inside my home.

I hope you find someone to talk to about it!

Jeff Whitfield said...

It sounds to me like you do a lot. Aren't you glad it doesn't all depend on you? : ) It is good to have a conscious and desire to help, but to also recognize the promptings of the Holy Spirit versus the accusations of the Old Enemy. Most people need to be encouraged to be more involved. Seems like it is always a small percentage who contribute positively to the life of a church or community.

Ruth MacC said...

Hi Cassandra, I did get to have a talk with a neighbour/sister about some of the things that were on my minde and then, last night it all came flooding out to Niall. He was just great and sat holding my hand and listning to me. Then he gave me some excellent advice. Thanks for commenting.

Jeff, just the other night I was talkling to somebody who is crushed and I suggested that rather than it being all about sin, I thought that perhaps the devil was condeming her and making he so low that her christian life is almost ineffective. I see now that this may be happening to me!
Thanks for your comment and help. Sometimes it's not enough to sit and listen. SOmetimes advice needs to be given. There is an awful going on inside me with regards to the church that I can only tallk to Niall about, but I am blessed that he is saved and a godly man who can advise me.
Above and beyond all this I have God in me helping me and guiding me and I can do all things through Him who enables me...
Well, this morning my eyes are a bit puffy and I feel a bit worn but I am closer to God because of it and have a better understanding of the church as well.

Thanks Jeff.