Thursday 6 May 2010

Morning blogging.

It's a rare thing for me to be on the mac in the morning. I usually have breakfast, family bible time, prayer and then straight to schooling Sean when I wake but this morning both Niall and Sean needed a lie-in so I got up, had breakfast, read one of my daily readings and sang prayers to God, yes, I sang them instead of talking to Him. I found the song 'Be Thou my vision' and sang the words/prayer to Him.

Anyway, Sprugeon's morning thought was 'We dwell in Him', 1 John 4:13. It's about Heaven and looking forwards to being there.

When I was younger and an atheist, I used to look at old buildings, broken down ancient cottages on rocky hillsides that used to house huge families many generations ago, old castles and old fields who's landscapes hadn't changes in years and years and think about the long, long time ago that people lived in them or tilled them. It all seemed so long ago to me. I would think back to the Viking age, Tudor age or the times of the Pharaohs and think it was so long ago. I would ponder evolution and the millions, nay billions of years they say the age of the earth is and I would think it was so long ago.

This has changed.

Slowly, and unexpectedly, as I read my bible, pray and live with God, I have found that the creation of the world wasn't that long ago. I have found that David didn't live that long ago. I have found that I can identify with Abraham, Rahab, David, Paul and Mary Magdalene. We have a lot in common. They were failed human beings full of sin and love for God and so am I. Stephen my pastor once said to me soon after my conversion that there is no new sin in this world. People sinned the same six thousand years ago as they do now... Boy, was that a revelation to me. (well it would be, considering I believed that people gradually evolved from animals) It completely opened my eyes to a lot of things.

I read in the bible that once I was forgiven of my sins and converted I was joined to God through His Holy Spirit. 'We dwell in Him'. In John 17 Jesus Himself said '... for those who will believe in Me through their (apostles) word: that they all (me) may be one, as you, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.'

Wow, Wow, Wow...

When I pray, sing, talk to God, I am with Him, I am in Him.

I think what I am trying to say is that when I talk to God, when I am with Him, I am with the same person who was around at the creation of the world. The same person who talked with Abraham, David and Mary talks with me. The same person who has converted Martin Luther, Spurgeon and MacArthur converted me. When I am aware of this and am a part of this, well, time it doesn't really seem so very long to me any more.

I have noticed that as a result of this train of thought I anticipate Heaven, my home, more.
I am in Him and He is in Heaven...
I feel like (and I hope this is not making light of God and His holiness) when I am talking to God that I am in a different country but keeping in touch with home through Skipe. Everything that is familiar, lovely, desirable and good is in Heaven, I belong there and will be home soon. Until that time I will keep in contact with my Father regularly and with great anticipation.

So, whether I look back of whether I look forwards, this life really is, as God says, a vapour, fleeting and passing.

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Cassandra said...

I love this post! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. :)