Tuesday 25 May 2010


We thought we would take a break and spend some time together around the home, catching up on some DIY. It's been about three years since Niall took a break and it was hard going trying to persuade him to take four days off! Anyway, we all took from Wednesday until Saturday off, Niall from work (well mostly. He had a couple of jobs he couldn't cancel) and Sean and I off school work.

We got plenty of things done around the home. I did some gardening work, weeding and planting. I also did a lot of work in a neighbours (new sister) front garden. She is busy at the moment and a bit under pressure so I thought it would be a very pleasant way for me to spend a few hours and help a friend. Also, while Niall took Sean to a Gospel meeting up north, I bought two 99's from the ice cream van and brought them over to my other new sister in the Lord. We both sat in her kitchen licking away goodo and her grand children (who she rears) looked on in disbelief! How dare we old folk eat ice cream! Ha Ha!

Niall and I had to treat the decking out the back of the house and that took a good while. Thankfully the weather over the weekend was fantastic, hot, hot, hot! In between all this DIY we headed off to Roach Castle for a few hours and also got to the new playground in Blackrock where Sean met up with a friend.

Sunday was hectic! We had our regular church service followed by the fellowship lunch (held outside). Then we went to a neighbours 40th Birthday party. She is Nigerian and we were the only white people there, quite a feat! Then we went up North to a Sunday evening gospel service and then on to a youth meeting where the teaching, fellowship and food was really good!

So, we are getting back to normal now. Niall is back to work and I am teaching Sean. The weather is sunny but a bit cold however, it's just great looking out at the sunshine. Tonight we have an opening of an art exhibition that we are invited to. My sister is a member of the group of artists showing their works. We go every year and sometimes we even buy some paintings. This year I hope to pick up one to give as a gift to a couple from the church who are marrying in September.

We will be minding Artem & Denis for three days this week which pleased Sean no end and we are are also planning Sean's birthday/family beach BBQ for next week if the weather permits. My birthday is on Thursday and I know what gift my family are giving me!!!

Next week I have the Women's Mini Marathon to walk in Dublin over the June Bank Holiday and we also hope to go to Bloom in the Phoenix Part with our friends Frank and Mary Moore....

Phew, I feel worn out already!

Where ever you are and whatever you are doing during this season of your life, I hope the Lord is with you and blessing you all.

God bless.

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