Thursday 20 May 2010


Well, I am working through my mini crisis lol! Thanks for your comments and encouragements. I appreciate it.

But seriously, I needed so much to have a good chin wag with somebody and that's just what happened. There is a lot of stuff going on within me with regards to my church and my place in it and it has been a tough three or four years. It's not getting any easier as such, but my understanding is increasing and with that, I hope my maturity?
Sadly, every few months I feel overcome by it all and need to touch home with Niall. He goes over things with me and helps me to remember what's going on, and settles me down so I can move ahead and keep up the good fight, so to speak.

These are testing times, well, all times are a time of testing when you are a christian!!! The brilliant thing is that with the testings and trials comes a closeness with God and a growing in myself.

It's a win/win situation, as I always say :0)


Heather L. said...

Just catching up with blogs...sorry things have been tough lately. You and I can be so thankful for good and godly husbands to go to and remind us God is in control. I don't know what I would do without that...

Ruth MacC said...

You are right Heather. Niall is a wealth of bible knowledge and wisdome and is a rock to me. We are totally blessed.