Friday 30 April 2010


We have been getting on with things as usual these past weeks. Sean is still doing well with his swimming and loving it. Sigita had been giving him one-to-one lessons which really helped him, so much so, that when he went back to his Aura classes, he was able to skip three levels, move on to the Saturday morning coaching class and was placed in the advanced class. I take him to the pool every Thursday for the open swim there and sometimes he spends two or three hours there practicing his lengths, meeting and playing with other kids and just horsing around, as you can see in this photo!

We are still schooling at home and getting on with that. I realize that things were becoming a bit stale in this department so we go to the Library more often and I have booked a couple of field trips for Sean. Next Tuesday we plan to visit Paddy Clarke's Photographers where they will allow Sean to use their cameras to take photos and then they will show him how to use the computers etc. We went to visit them four years ago and were invited back so we are looking forwards to that. The week after that we hope to visit a book binders workshop.Sean 2006

Last week we went to the park to do some work there. It was pleasant enough weather and Sean enjoyed running around in between working on his books. I took this photo of him up in his (and half the kids in the town) favourite tree and thought I would compare it with a similar photo I took a few years ago. I am keenly aware that this kind of fun behaviour will end very soon and want to capture it before it disappears altogether. However, I think he will swap this for some other form of play like basketball and football when he goes to school next year :o)Sean 2006Sean 2010

I am still helping this little lady with her homework a few evenings a week. The proceeds are going towards Sean's sailing boat. She is a wee dote and working well for me.My sister Caroline and her son David has opened a cafe in town and has agreed to allow Sean to work there on Friday afternoons and pay him a small amount to put towards his sailing boat! It's all very easy stuff, rolling up cutlery in napkins, tidying tables etc. He is really enjoying being there, meeting people, getting free food, soft drinks and tips!I go along too and instead of her paying me money, we came to the agreement that Niall, Sean and I can eat there free once a week which suits us all very well. She is also displaying and selling Sean's gift mugs. They are selling very well in Blackrock and the Hospital shop which is encouraging Sean. The knitting club is back up and running, this time in Paula's home.. or garden. When it is held in the garden about three girls come that usually miss out because they are not allowed into anybody's house so that's a real plus.We're lovin it!

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