Thursday 25 February 2010

Valentines rose, a gift from Niall, and God.

The girls from the knitting group were chatting to me about the rose and I told them how I had remarked to Niall the day before about how God made the petals as soft as velvet and Niall said no, we made the velvet to be just like the petals on God's rose:0)

Here are the girls, ahem, 'inspecting' a t-shirt quilt I made Sean a few years ago!


Heather L. said...

I hope the knitting group is still going well! We had our last knit night until fall this week.

Ruth MacC said...

Ah, that's a pity although with your baby coming maybe it's not such a bad thing! We are really enjoying ourselves. Last week was the last knitting day in my home for a while. This Monday we will show the kids a movie on the projector which should be good than we will have a break and then another six weeks stint in Paula's home.
Thanks for your prayers and interest Heather.