Wednesday 17 February 2010

Knitting group

Every Monday my newly saved neighbour Paula and I meet up here in my sitting room for a knitting group with the children from our estate. There are lots of little girls who haven't much to do after school and at the weekendsso I had a chat with them and we came up with this idea. I can't knit much at all but thankfully I don't need to be a great knitter to teach them the basics.

My sister gave me 8 pairs of needles and a neighbour gave me lots and lots of wool so we were off to a good start. Sean lights the fire and he and Paula's son answers the door and lets the girls in. So far the crack has been good with a few laughs along the way such as Paula getting the wool stuck in her teeth while she tried to break it! We take a break half way through to have hot chocolate or sweets etc.

I am enjoying the group. It's fun because the girls haven't a clue how to knit and we are having fun just teaching it and laughing over our mistakes:0)

Here are a couple of photos of bags I bought for €1 and also for 50c. The girls are using them to keep their knitting in and so I have personalized them by putting their names on and they love them! I hope to post some more photos and a small piece of video too.


Heather L. said...

I'm so excited that you are doing this!! What a great way to invest in the lives of young girls -- in more ways than one. I do pray it will continue to go well.

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks for your encouagrnent Heather, I appreciate it very much. It's been fun so far and I am grateful to God for letting me reach out to these kids. It's not religious but just to be able to reach them as you said. Also, I am excited about getting closer to Paula. I had prayed to God to save somebody here where I live so I would have a friend and he saved two! It's early days yet and I have to take my time making friends and not to overwhelm them.