Thursday 25 February 2010

Day trip to Cork

Last month my sister sent me an email concerning cheap flights.  There were flights all over the place, France, England, Spain etc., to be had for €4 each way!  So, we booked two  flights, one to Cork for the three of us which is down the south of Ireland and the other one for Niall and Sean to go to London for the day in March.

We went to Cork city last week and it was fablous!  I had no idea how nice it was going to be.  I lived in Dublin city for over ten years and loved it but this city was something else.  The people were friendly, the shops were close together, we took a walking tour around some of the city and really enjoyed that.  The sun shon all day long which was great especially as we went to different exhibitions etc.  What a day!  Will defineatly be trying to get back there, maybe with a few women from the Church?

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