Tuesday 5 January 2010

Spring diet:0)

Yes... I have piled on the lbs again and so I am starting to be more careful with what I eat, what I don't eat and to walk a little. It's not exactly a 'diet' but it's the closest I will get to one. I found out last Spring that acountability was everything for me and so I created a new blog to write down what I was eating etc.

I hope to keep it up for a few weeks at the most this time around, perhaps 7 or 8. Depending how quickly I loose the one stone (14 lbs) I need to loose so will you please, PLEASE drop over here to say hi and encourage me?

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Annie Blake said...

I'll be your accountability buddy for sure :D I'm not dieting until Feb but I am going to stop stuffing myself and start cycling again. I might stretch to a morning aerobics workout. Let me know how I can help :)

Would you like to email me you weight loss once a week?