Monday 11 January 2010

Sales and gifts

This time last year I decided to take advantage of the great sales there were around the town and go buy gifts, as many as I could afford, for birthdays throughout the year and for the following December. Well, it turned out to be a great success because as the year progressed, instead of trying to find the money and buying presents, or worse, forgetting about the birthday until the last minute and having nothing, I just went upstairs to the bag I had hidden away in one of the wardrobes, found the gift, wrapped it and gave it!Well, this year, although the bargain's weren't as great as they were in Easons last year, I have REALLY ENJOYED shopping and snapping up any good deals I could. I am delighted with my booty and enjoyed going through them this evening. I took some photos, so here they are...

For Birthdays.

I got Sarah a small Dora bag full of pencils, erasers, copies etc. I also picked up a pencil case along with a special pen that lights up when you write. The total cost was €11.97 but I paid €3.82

Kerri will be getting a Princess poster art set, pencil case, set of erasers and a light up princess pen. Total cost was €8.47 and I paid €1.74

For Cara I got a mad pink make-up bag, nail varnish, two Bratz books and a light-up pen. Total cost €15.18. I paid €2.48.

Cillian is getting two books and a fancy Ben 10 pen. One of the books (a jigsaw book) isn't in the photo. Total cost €32.20 I paid €3.32
For next December I got Mary O's family a gift of tableware. A tablecloth, table runner, place mats, napkins and napkin rings totalled €42.00 and I paid €12.50. I got the silver box for €1.50!

Little Sarah gets a set of bed clothes and a nice quilt. I hope to buy a nice cushion too. Bed clothes and blanket were €14.00 I paid €6.

For Lucy I picked up a beautiful soft red dressing gown, red socks and a set of 2 pairs of pj's. Total cost was €17.00 and I paid €8.50.

I picked up some cloth napkins and lovely napkin rings. The set of 8 napkins and 8 rings were €18.00. I got them for €4.00.

I also got these notepads and pens for Seán's Russian teacher Lisa and for Kate, our teacher who comes to see us every once in a while to see how we are doing with the home schooling. The books and pens were only €3.90 per set!

These fun NOISY animals will go to two good homes next December! € 8.00 each but I paid €1.00 for them.

This gold table cloth and candle rings are for Anne. I have to buy two nice candles to finish the gift off. The table cloth and rings came in at €17.00 but I paid €5.00 I picked up the same table cloth and rings for my own table :o) I plan to use them on Valentine's Day for Niall's birthday.

And for Easter...

These very cute bunny slippers will be for Sarah and Lucy. They cost €4.00 each and I paid €1.00!
I have teamed one pair of these slippers up with books and drinking bottles that I bought during the sales last year for a family with 5 young children for Easter (instead of Easter eggs). I think the total was about €45.00 and I got them all for about €9.50.

One last thing. I have started to pick up small gifts that I can group together to give to somebody who's not well. A 'get well' gift. I have bought things like bath pillows for 99c each, slippers for €1.00, 2 x face mittens for 50c, mugs that say 'take it easy' for 50c, face wipes etc. All I need to get are a couple of face masks and then I will have two gifts to give somebody during the year as a 'pick-me-up' :o) I might gather them together and ask a florist to wrap them to finsih it off.
This is a photo of the things I have bought this month. I hope they are well received during the year and that they bring others as much enjoyment as they have given me!

So, the final tally is... 20 gifts priced at €245.82, I bought for €74.02, saving €171.78!

So... That works out at less than €4.00 per set of gifts (as in dressing gown, socks & pj's)

I did spend about another €20 on bits and bobs that may come in handy during the year, or next year.

Ahhhhh, I enjoyed that!


Annie Blake said...

Wow! You're brilliant Ruth :) you should be a personal shopper. That's an amazing saving, and great gifts to show for it.

By the way, we're still enjoying your movies. I loved Martian Child.

Annie Blake said...

Wow! You're brilliant Ruth :) you should be a personal shopper. That's an amazing saving, and great gifts to show for it.

By the way, we're still enjoying your movies. I loved Martian Child.

The syders said...

Wow...Love all your bargains!
i have a Christmas cupboard but it is empty at the mo...really should start adding to it!

Heather L. said...

Wow -- you did such a great job!! Isn't it fun finding bargains!!

Ruth MacC said...

Great fun Heather and sometimes thats the problem!!!

ruth said...

Very nice. My mom used to have a gift shelf in her closet, where we could go to grab a gift when we needed one. I have never been that organized. I don't like shopping, so I am very bad at gifts.

Just one thing... I hope none of your gift recipients wanders onto your blog and sees what she's getting ahead of time... !

Even if that happened, I'm sure they would only feel loved to know that you were already thinking about them so far in advance. I wish I were better at this sort of thing.