Sunday 10 January 2010

Ice skating in Ice House Hill Park!

The weather has changed a lot today. It snowed last night but today cloudy weather came along with a wind and it has thawed the snow but... The pond in Ice House Hill is still frozen over! My friend Annie was there today with her dog Lottie and send me a photo of people playing ice hockey on what looks like an area of the park that was flooded and then frozen. Photographers were there from the local newspapers. She also sent me a short video taken on her iphone of her and Lottie standing on the frozen pond itself!
This is pretty unusual for here in Dundalk and if it is still like that tomorrow I might fill a hot flask along with a hot water bottle and head over with Niall and Sean:0)



Karen Deborah said...

I saw your comment at my friend Debbies blog and wanted to come by and say hello to you!

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks Karen. I will drop over to see you when I get on to the lap top:0)