Tuesday 5 January 2010

Catching up.

Here are a few photos of people and places we have visited over the last few weeks...
This is our friend Janet who married an Ozzie and is home for Christmas. She is a teacher and used to visit me every month during the early days of home schooling to encourage me, that is until she met the 'other' Sean and moved to Australia:0)
Sean with a few guys at the Murphy's carol singing night.

Niall and I invited Stephen and Marie to a night of singing in the Town Hall just before Christmas. The Dundalk Choir were performing along with guests and we had a terrific night. Also, Sean and I, along with Anne and her daughter Charlotte went to the new Town Hall in Drogheda to a Christmas concert there performed by children from all over Louth. Not as good as the Choir but not a disaster either:0)
This is me and Marguerite on our women's night out. We had a lovely meal and the company was good.
This is the American pastor of the Church in Carricmacross. We went to visit them one Sunday morning and went out to this building that they have bought and joined them in prayer, song and giving of thanks for it. We went back for a second visit, this time it was in the evening for a candle lit Carol service, just lovely.
Sean fell in love with Connor's new puppies!
Niall's family had a partial reunion when one of his five older sisters came home from Rome to spend Christmas with her daughter and grandson. They are a lovely bunch of people and I am glad I married into such a nice family.

Well, these are a few of the things we have been getting up to these days. What about you? Did yoju have a busy but peaceful Christmas?

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The syders said...

Lovely photos Ruth...I'm gonna pop over to your diet blog now. I need to diet too...Really would like to lose 2 stone before my cousins wedding in April!