Thursday 31 December 2009

Oh dear lol!

Faucher Family Christmas Lights ExtravaganzaGoodbye , Christmas, hello 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Goodwind Christmas Lights for 30000 GBP
Boston's House of Dominic Luberto
Smith's House with Xmas Lights
Clot family Xmas Holiday Lights
Christmas lights on house in Philippines
Magic Christmas Display

Alex Goodwind Christmas Lights for 30000 GBP


FancyHorse said...

My word, I am speechless! That's not in Ireland, is it? Somehow I thought decorations would be more restrained there. Some (a few) people here (USA) go over the top, but I haven't seen anything like this!

Ruth MacC said...

No, not Ireland, least I don't think they are! I found them in the net and I couldn't help posting them:0)

Cassandra said...

Wow! I can't imagine what their electric bills would be like.

Annie Blake said...

You smiled on my blog :) thank you, you're the first! ...and probably my only reader so far xox

Ruth MacC said...

I could probably manage a holiday in Spain on what it cost them on electricity!
Annie, I have your blog on my phone as a short cut so u can find you easily and often:0) I find it all very interesting. Don't know what says about my state of mind but there you go lol! I am hopeing it may stirr me up to finally paint our sitting room, groan...