Friday 25 December 2009

Christmas Day

Well, my day has started peacefully. Niall and Sean had their sleep in and I had the chance to have breakfast on my own and then go outside to see who was about. On Christmas morning lots of children come out to play with their new bikes/skates/prams and this morning was no exception. I had a chat with some of them and took a couple of pictures to show you.

We have our 'White Christmas', it may be with frost but it is still white!

Last week I sent this photo to Jean in Virginia telling her it was the first snow of our winter here in Ireland and she said 'You call that snow?!' and sent me this....!

We are all packed up and just about to head for Galway to have out family day tomorrow. We are very excited and very glad, seeing that our car broke down on Sunday and we just got it back yesterday, however, that's for another post:0)

Happy Christmas everybody. Talk soon.


Laura said...

Merry Christmas Ruth! Enjoy your family day, and have a blessed New Year.

With love,

Ruth MacC said...

Hello Laura, you must be up early!!!