Wednesday 16 December 2009

Family Date Night

Over in '50's Housewife' I found a post about family dates. It's very good and well worth visiting this blog and reading the post.

50s Housewife: Family Date Night

It has reminded me of some things I have done to have family times.

Recently a friend told me that on the odd occasion she and her son have a 'Coco Pop' day. They stay at home watching DVDs, playing games etc., and eating Coco Pops! It doesn't seem to do her son any harm for he is as big as a house:0)

A few months ago Niall came home late from work and decided to take Sean and me out in our pj's to buy us an ice cream out at the beach! It was dark and the street lights were on, the atmosphere was good and it was a lot of fun!

Cassie over at 'Home Schooling Four' posted about their tradition of eating junk food while decorating their Christmas tree. You should pop over, if only to see the kids in their matching nighties... very cute:o)

When we have out MacCarthaigh Day we usually spend the day in our PJ's, eat whatever we like (Niall and Sean likes having coke for their breakfast drink) and watch movies.

Jeff, Jean and the kids has been known to celebrate Snoopy, their dog's birthday by putting up balloons and having a party! They rescued him on St Patrick's Day while living here in Ireland. However, he is living in America now so it must be even more fun for them:o)

Every now and again we put up the projector in our back garden and have what seems like a million kids around to watch a movie. Now that is fun!

Sometimes Niall and Sean camps out in Sean's toy shed, watch a movie, eat junk food and sleep there all night. Not my cup of tea! No thank you. I stay in my own bed, with my own electric blanket watching my own movie, than you very much.

Anyway, there are some things we and others do with their families...

What do you do?

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Cassandra said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. We don't have designated date nights, but we play a lot of board games. For us, that's our idea of fun. :)