Wednesday 16 December 2009

20 things.

Over in Inspired Room you will find a post called 'Twenty Little Things
I’m Looking Forward to This Christmas'

It's quite a nice list to read through.
Although we are not celebrating Christmas we do celebrate our family day. So here is a list of things I am looking forwards to on MacCarthaigh Day. Not sure if I'll make 20 though;0)

REALLY looking forwards to staying in a hotel room on Christmas night and St Stephens night in a very nice hotel in Galway!

REALLY looking forwards to watching all sorts of TV! (we don't have regular tv here at home)

Looking forwards to watching Hitchcock's Rear Window (?) on St Stephen's morning... MacCarthaigh Day.

Looking forwards to NOT blowing up 400 balloons this year!

REALLY, REALLY looking forwards to the hotel swimming pool, but mostly the sauna etc, mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forwards to a fab meal served up to me.

Looking forwards to breakfast in bed/room service on Mac Day.

Looking forwards to coke & chocolate for breakfast... Wait a minute, can I have this and room service/breakfast in bed? You bet! It's traditional;0)

Looking forwards to enjoying Niall and Sean enjoying Mac Day.

I don't care what I get, looking forwards to lots of tv. Did I say that?

Looking forwards to having time with my family praying, Bible reading and talking about what happened during 2009 and what may happen in 2010. Being thankful and remembering things...

What are you looking forwards to?


Rose Belle said...

I really, really look forward to travel to another country, any country, for at least two weeks with my family for vacation next year. This year was not fabulous so I look forward to a better 2010.

Sit-N-Chat said...

I host my dad's extended family on Christmas Eve. I look forward to seeing cousins and the two Aunts and one Uncle still with us. And I look forward to my children being home. And I hope to watch some good movies with Brian at home and just think about what Christmas is all about.
You do not celebrate Christmas? Why? Am just interested. Hope you have a wonderful time together.


Ruth MacC said...

Hello Jennifer,
sounds like you have a nice meaningful Chrisas planned. Niall has come into the Christian faith from a Catholic background and can't seperate Christmas from the Catholic religion. Lots of former Catholics can but he seek Christmas as a pagan festival that was taken over by the Catholic Church. His conscience can't take it. If he were to celebrate it he would be sinning against it.
I can take Christmas or leave it. Before we married 7 yes ago we talked about this issue. It wouldn't be right for me to force him to go against his conscience. Sean and I love Niall very much and are more than happy to give up Christmas to protect him.

Over the years we have developed our own special family day with all it's own little traditions. We call it MacCarthaigh Day. We have lots of gifts. People are very kind and continue to give us gifts regardless of our not celebrating Christmas so we place them on the floor if our sitting room the night before, cover them with about 400 balloons. This makes for great fun finding them and opening them! It usually takes over two hours. We can eat whatever we like. We stay in our pj's all day and one of the nighlights if the day is to have a treasure hunt for the DVD and then play it.

We have a lovely Bible/prayer time where we look back on the year and look forwards to the new one. We confess things we failed to do and try to out into place things that will encourage us to give more wether it is money or tine visiting.

We truly have a smashing day and everybody who is close to us knows this and is not a bit sorry for Sean:0) actually we found that over the years our friends and neighbours have been inviting themselves over for a visit they love it so much! Sean's Russian teacher calls over and stays for a while. Our neighbour and her son calls over every year. Seans best friend calls over. Another friend and her son calls over etc.

I hope you and your family have a peaceful Christmas. I look forwards to strengtening our friendship in 2010. May God continue to bless you.

Anonymous said...

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