Sunday 8 November 2009

A response to Pete.

Hi Pete,
I have done what you suggested and found evidence for you from independent sources for each of the articles I posted on my last post. They are all links, so you can click on them all and check the items yourself.

Times article about Buying Condoms with a credit card... Times
Pupils told that sex is good for you............Times
All Scots schools to have Sex Clinics................Mail
Sex ed lobby teach kids sexual pleasure...................Children & Young People - Daily Bulletin
Explicit sex ed for 5-year-olds says un...............Telegraph
sex ed for five-year-olds to be made compulsory...........Telegraph
schools' text for morning after pill scheme expands.......Oxford Mail

This last link is for a book that has been used as a source to verify the article below. This article is pretty disturbing and I have already said enough about it on my last post.

I can understand you not believing what is going on with regards to sex education in England. I had a similar reaction myself and that's why I checked it out. I am a Christian and that's why I posted the articles from the Christian Institute which I think is fair enough? I am sorry for the children there and concerned that some of what England does, good or bad, is copied and applied here in Ireland...

Take care.

The Primary School Sex and Relationships Education Pack by J Cohen.


Heather L. said...

Good job on the research, Ruth. Just so sad.....

pete said...

And... as you can see the reality is not what the headlines are implying!

Heather L. said...

Hi Ruth--I can't find your email address. :) Anyway, actually, we are Presbyterian (my sister and our families). So, we see baptism as the NT fulfillment of circumcision which was a sign given to God's covenant people --either on their becoming proselytes (if a Gentile converted) or to the 8-day old sons of the Covenant people (Jews). So, in the NT we see baptism as for those who convert in adulthood (like the Gentile proselytes) or for the children of believers (God's covenant people today). we see baptism as a sign identifying people as holy and set apart as God's covenant people, becoming a member of the covenant community. We do not believe that it saves a child or adult, but that it is just a visible sign representing the fact that God has (or will be) cleansing this person from sin and setting them apart as His people. If you note verses on baptism in the NT you will see things such as "and the jailer was baptized with his household" etc.

Anyway -- long answer to short question. :)