Monday 2 November 2009

Photo update

Here is some of what the MacCarthaigh's have been getting up to lately...

Yana shut shop in her Hair Salon on Saturday and opened it for a good cause; selling good second hand/new women's clothes and accessories! Missionaries who visit our Church every year are raising money for different projects, one of them being a Church building for a small Church in South Africa. The cost of supplying a tin roof and pillars is only three thousand euros (they will MAKE their own bricks and build the rest of it themselves) so our Church is trying to raise the money. We have already made over four hundred on sponsor cards and on Saturday we made over eight hundred, so when we add that up, along with another four hundred the Church donated a few weeks ago, we are well on our way to getting it.

Oh, but we had a great day!!!

Happy Birthday Denis!

Niall took Sean to a display the Fire Brigade were holding at DKIT. The had a wrecked car that they had to cut open. It was a bit close to the bone for me so I stayed away. However, it is very 'boy' stuff and they enjoyed the show. Hope Sean got the message about drink driving though.

My friend Becky held her 'Jamie's Open House'. I enjoyed spending a couple of hours with her, chatting, eating and looking at all the goodies:0)

Sean eventually got to see the Gathers playing in Belfast. It was a brilliant night for us! The music and singing was very good and Sean and I both enjoyed it very much. It was Sean's first concert and my first Christian concert. Well worth it. We bumped into some friends too which was a plus:o)

We had a movie night in our back garden using the projector and big screen. 14 children turned up and enjoyed the cool but nice night. Popcorn, sweets and warm blankets was the order of the day... or night!


FancyHorse said...

Loved those pictures! Thank you for sharing!

Annie Blake said...

You're looking very well Mrs MacCárthaigh :) all your dieting paid off. It's great for your health too, but you really do look terrific on the outside :) that dress top is lovely on you.

I didn't leave the house at all on Saturday and forgot about Yana's sale. It looks like she put in a huge effort, closing her salon alone on a busy working day is a big deal and it looks like she had lots to sell.

It's amazing how little money it takes to build a church, just goes to show every little helps and we can all do something to help others as there will always be others less fortunate than ourselves.

Nice post :)

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks Annie, you are very kind to an old lady!!! Lol

Cassandra said...

What fun goings-on!