Wednesday 25 November 2009

Mountain of Spices

Do not try to hold life's joys,
Or the past years golden store,
Love it is Who this destroys,
To make room for so much more,
Love it is, with radiant face,
Leading to a wealthier place.

Do not let self pity bleed,
Bitterness, nor fierce regret.
These are worms which kill the seed,
And sad misery beget.
With a willing heart let go,
God will richer gifts bestow.

Learn this lesson fast or slow,
This is Heaven's law,
We must let the old things go,
To make room for more.
We shall reap in some glad way,
Fairer joys than lost today.

The Mountain of Spices
Hannah Hurnard


Annie Blake said...

Lovely :)

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks Annie,
I read that just weeks after my conversion eight years ago. I wrote it on the back of my Bible. It's both sad and wonderful all at the same time I think.

Myrnie said...

A beautiful poem! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


Sit-N-Chat said...

Hi Ruth, Hope all is good with you. We've just celebrated the days of Thanksgiving. God is so good to us. Much to pray about and much to do, as He wills. God bless your days.


Rose Belle said...

what an uplifting poem! I think sometimes we all need these small reminders to appreciate what we have in life.