Saturday 24 October 2009

Poems by Laura Bruce

Through the trees

Comes, softly on the breeze Floating down from Heaven

Pure love – pure gold

Music in the silver stream

As it shines crystal clear

On its way

Through pastures green

To where the river plays.

Music in the song of birds

As they welcome

In the dawn

With harmony divine

As each new day is born.

Faith - Hope - and Love

With a gentle glow


Like blossoms in the snow

A delicate fragrance

That will survive

The tangled thorns

That life can show

A leading

A guidance

From above

Faith is and will remain

An evergreen

As all true believers know.


The wind sings a

Desolate song

For those who did

Not survive

The storm that came

Violent, sweeping strong

When evil

Spread its wings

Like a bird

Of prey

Suddenly, in the morning

Making black the day.

Now, the world weeps

With Spain.

Your Presence

Your presence, in my life

Forever more

Will be for me

A beautiful reality

A yearning fulfilled

In a distant World

On a distant Shore.

When I leave the


For the light of eternal Days.

To be with you in Glory

Where you stay.


There is a moment yet to come,

A glory still to be,

When you and I shall stand as one

Before eternity.

The sun shall be in darkness,

The sky become as flame

And they who call upon the Lord

Shall not cry in vain.

For swift shall be His coming

In triumph and in power –

The strong shall fail, the proud man kneel

In that mighty hour.

There is a time will surely come,

A glory soon to be,

When Jesus Christ will stand as Lord,

And all the world will see.

Laura Bruce


Cassandra said...

I love the Second Coming poem. I can't wait until Jesus returns!

Ruth MacC said...

Amen Cassandra!