Tuesday 20 October 2009


I knew a woman called Laura. She attended our Church services for years but never joined the Church. She lived close by the building and used to just walk around at her leisure to join us. She was a bit odd. Sometimes she wrote poems with an amazing insight of the Lord. During the week when I cleaned the Church building I used to take a walk around to her home to visit her. She would take me into her back sitting room that always had a fire lit in it. It was dusty and old looking and you could tell it hadn't been decorated in years but she always gave me a cup of tea and a slice of bread. She would stand up and sit down, stand up and sit down and eventually take a slip of torn paper from behind an old ornament on the mantelpiece and read her latest poem to me.

At the Sunday evening service she would request that we would sing the same song again and again, week in, wek out. This evening I had my song book out and opened the page to where 'Laura's' song was. It's by Joseph Hart who lived between the years of 1712-68 and the scripture it follows is 'O the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!'

Some of the lines in the song are...

'This God is the God we adore,
Our faithful unchangeable Friend.'

I can understand and relate to God as being my Father and I His daughter. I understand that He loves me. I can accept this because, behind it all, well, family love family don't they? Family are expected to love you even though they see your faults.
But God sees all I have done, am doing and will do and he still loves me, not only as a Father but as a friend...

Friends love you from choice don't they?

How can God know all about me and still love me, freely and unconditionally as a friend?

I loved Laura as a friend. She died a couple of years ago.
I thank God for her tonight.


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Jeff Whitfield said...

It is nice to remember Laura again. I remember her calling out "662 in the red book". She always did. We use to talk about her "moments of lucidity" and she did occasionally amaze with her insight and her poetry. It is indeed a wonderful insight to understand God as Father and Friend and the fact that He created us for intimacy with Him. Our reason for existence!