Tuesday 29 September 2009

To be continued...

We had our wee talk, Sean and I. We also sat and watched some of 'Hells Bells', a Christian documentary about rock music. (the first few minutes are a bit silly but stick with it. It's worth it) It is a bit dated but the essentials of what I needed were all there. We got it on U Tube in segments of 20 minute slots so we will be going back to it again.

I also let Sean see a DVD from one of Eminem's tracks. It was ok. Then I showed him the lyrics of another one of his songs that wasn't so ok. He needs to have a small idea of what's out there so he can realise how beautiful and how awful music can be, and be careful.

'Fore warned is fore armed'

Education is crucial for discernment and an informed conscience.

Anyway, after our talk Sean happily reconsidered what kind of music he had on his phone and happily deleted a couple of tracks;o)

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Cassandra said...

That's great! It's good that you're educating him and helping him choose. When I was growing up, we didn't have any choices and weren't informed of the "whys" of things not being allowed.