Saturday 26 September 2009

'That' talk...

Yes, we are going to have 'That' talk with Sean tonight.
No, it's not about the facts of life, (we did that 2 years ago) it's far more complicated and explosive than that.
It's going to be about music.


He has an iPod touch, and a pretty decent mobile phone which he can easily transfer music from his friends phones via blue tooth, so he needs to know what some of the limits are.

There are some good music ministries out there that with God's help and guidance we can use to explain to Sean about the different styles of music there are, which are appropriate and which are not.

I think it may be tough, because being able to appreciate and enjoy music is a gift from God that shouldn't be abused, however, we all have our own individual tastes and Sean should be free to choose music that he likes... within certain limits.

Next month I hope to be taking him to his first concert in Belfast to hear The Gathers. It will be interesting to see what he makes of that :o)



Cassandra said...

Good luck with your talk! I hope it goes well. :)

FancyHorse said...

Good for you! I like your new header.

Ruth MacC said...

Thanks. We started the discussion but are going to come back to it again. There is a lot to cover.