Wednesday 30 September 2009


Just letting you guys know that we are not going ahead with the ''Hells Bells' Christian video and we are rethinking the whole thing. I have been looking at the 20 minute pieces and think it is definitely too much for Sean...

I think it is geared more towards teenagers/adults. I got as far as 10 out of the 18 pieces and had to turn it off, it's just too awful. I spent ten years living with a musician who played in a soft rock band and to tell you the truth, I don't really want to go there...

We will continue to search out age appropiate material to teach Sean about the different kinds of music out there and also, I might start looking at what kind of Christian music is available for kids his age. Any ideas?



Nancy said...

I think you're making a wise decision. Go with your heart and your conscience.

I can't offer any suggestions, I'm not familiar with contemporary Christian music now.

Sarah said...

Dear Ruth,

I know this is not related to this issue, but I am thinking of home-schooling my own children so I was wondering if I could ask you for some advice?

Do you mind if I ask you what qualifications you have? Did you attend university? I worry about ensuring my children have the BEST education. I have two degrees but I am not sure that I am suited to providing a well-balanced education. For example, I did my degrees in maths but what about teaching them English et cetera??

It is such a worry but they are ony 2 and 6months. I have visited a number of pre-schools but after speaking to the staff I worry about their educational!

Many thanks,


Ruth MacC said...

Hi Sarah,
thanks for asking me that question. I gave you a very long answer, so long that it wouldn't fit here so I had to put it on a post!
Hope it answers your question?
Take care,

ruth said...

This music issue is very interesting to me. Personally, I just plain do not like contemporary Christian music. This is not to say that I don't like any "new" music, but I don't like when it feels like the music is about the music and not about God, or when it is really loud, or when it is tuneless, or when the lyrics are stupid (which they often are--if anyone would ever call out the emperor for wearing no clothes... not to say that all the old hymns had great lyrics, either, but I wish we could separate the wheat from the chaff here and focus on content rather than date of publication).

You could pray for me about this, because my husband plays electric bass in church. Currently, he goes to one service, with super loud, "upbeat" music, and I go to the service that is supposed to be the quieter version. The services run at the same time, and my husband joins me for the sermon part of the service I attend, which is the pastor piped in on a video screen from the other service. My husband has no problem with this, as he feels that it is just how he is called to serve. I am uncomfortable with it, but don't really know what to do about it.

My kids hate contemporary Christian music, but because they have been fed a steady diet of it, they are comfortable with secular rock, which pains me. It seems to me that Christians just try to take the world's stuff and sort of "Christianize" it so they can be "cool" but it always comes out second rate. We just got a Christian Christmas catalog in the mail and they are selling a Christian version of the video game "Guitar Hero" called something like "Praise Hero". This just depresses me. Why do Christians so often want to copy the world?

Ruth MacC said...

I was in a relationship with a man for over ten years and he was a bass player. I understand how you feel and I think your choice of prayer is very wise. I think only God can speak to your husband. I am very happy to pray about the situatin for you guys.

I see what has happened with your children but I think they will come through this in a couple of years. You have a much grater and better input in their lives than you think.

A woman once asked my pastor about listning to a particular christian radio station (It had a mixture of good and bad) and he said he would rather listen to a regular radio station because that way you know they are not claiming to be christian. The problem being that she was listning to rubbish and didn't know what was good and what was not.
At least your children know that worldly music is just that, whereas christian rock can seem to be godly but not be.

We are still not out of the woods yet with Sean but at least we have started thinking about it and hopefully will be able to advise and guide him...
Thanks for your comment Ruth. Great as always to hear from you.

ruth said...

Thanks for your prayers. I treasure them.

My kids are strange. They listen to the oddest mix of 80's rock, weird popular music by offbeat artists (Adele, Mika...), country, classical and jazz (real jazz). They are quite willing to listen to classical and particularly love Beethoven and Chopin, but they have no time whatsoever for CCM.

Maybe it will be OK in the end. I pray it will.

How weird that we both have experience with bass players, too. That is totally bizarre. I hope I meet you in person before heaven. :)