Tuesday 15 September 2009


I am happy to report that everything went well for Niall yesterday. I am going to let him speak for himself and fill you in......

My cardioversion went ahead as scheduled yesterday. It was a success. However, they can't be sure if it'll be a long-term success for another month or two. Naturally, I hope this one procedure will suffice. The actual day went smoothly. the staff were, as always, fantastic. There was a trainee doctor from Ottawa, Ontario, two Sudanese doctors and a nurse who, it turns out, is a good friend of a niece of mine - small world! although I was in the ward from around 8.30am to 3.30pm the procedure itself only took a very short time. I was anaesthetised around 1.00pm and woke a half hour later. Of course, I had felt nothing and woke up thinking I was falling asleep. I was planning to take a photo on my phone when I realised that the whole thing was over. One thing I noticed very quickly, however, was that my monitor showed a heart rate of just over 60 whereas it had been over 80 beforehand. Also, the rhythm was regular again.
The cardiologist called an hour later and told me that he was very pleased with the way things had gone. However, I would still be on medicine for the next six weeks until they could check the long-term situation. Thankfully, though, they halved the beta-blockers. They are the tablets that are giving me the most grief - slowing me down and leaving me tired. He also stopped the tablets for cholesterol, since my level isn't very high to start with.
So, I continue on the Warfarin and Emcor for another six weeks and go back to get a portable heart monitor fitted for 24 hours. They will assess my heart condition from the data it collects and decide what needs to happen long-term.
The only drawback to the cardioversion is the after irritating itch I have where one of the pads was stuck to my chest. They had warned me that there can be a slight sunburn-like effect. They were right. So, I'm using after-sun mousse - without having been in the sun!
My only regret? Not having a video recording of the cardioversion itself. Oh well.


Jeff Whitfield said...

Very cool! The wonders of modern medicine and old-fashioned prayer! Glad to read the good report, Niall and Ruth.

ruth said...

Wow! I'm glad it went so well. You could try putting lavender essential oil on the itchy spot. Also, have you looked into vitamin D and sunlight? Vitamin D is supposed to be key in helping with heart issues, but vitamin D doesn't metabolize in your body without exposure to sunlight, so you need to get at minimum 20 minutes of sun (without sunscreen) per day, and use a safe tanning bed in the winter.

Of course, God is over all, and thank goodness He is.

Cassandra said...

I'm so glad everything went great! I was praying for you guys. I hope it's a long time fix!