Friday 11 September 2009

Just a little something to share:o)

The other day I got a parcel in the post. I took it up stairs and said to Seán, 'I've got a parcel in the post from 'Grace To You!'
He looked up from his school work all excited and said 'Grace sent me a parcel from America?!'
(Yes, he has a friend called Grace living in the US)

Poor fella, it was from John MacArthur's 'Grace To You (GTY)/Martin Lloyd Jones' and had a book in it along with the Autumn/Winter News Letter that has my testimony printed in it.

I've got to say it was very funny, well it was to me anyway:o)

Here is something else, I got this email from the Director of GTY in Europe...

Hi Ruth

Did you hear John MacArthur read your letter out on the radio today?



D.Paul Mitchell - Director - Grace To You (Europe)

I don't listen to the radio show but I do listen to them on the podcast when I am doing the ironing and every Sunday when I get home after the Church service while waiting for lunch, so I must have a wee listen to this particular show. I think I should be able to get it on or around the 10th of this month.

I think it will be pretty weird listening to it, almost as weird as seeing my testimony in the newsletter with photo and all.

They did go into some detail that I had left out of my original testimony. It was to do with a relationship I had been in when I got saved. I had forgotten that I had mentioned it in my original email to GTY. It was a bit of a surprise/shock to see it in print!

Ah, but then again, God settled all that kind of stuff with me years ago. I know He is in control of everything and I know that He will mind me, guide me and direct me as my testimony goes out and about. In some things I still have the 'fear of man' but not in regards to my testimony. I know He is minding me and my family and I'm not afraid about that.

Let me tell you how I got in contact with GTY.
One morning a few months ago I was sitting up in bed listening to one of John's podcasts and at the end of the show the presenter said that if anybody had been encouraged by GTY to please email them and let them know and encourage them in return. Well, I have been encouraged by them since I was saved 8 years ago so I emailed them straight away. I gave details of my salvation and how finding John's tapes in the Church Centre while cleaning it and listening to them, and later receiving free Cd's and books really helped me.

Anyway, a few minutes later I put on another podcast and John was being interviewed. He said he had an email from a woman from Ireland, called Ruth who got saved 8 years ago! My head went into a spin! How was it possible that he was reading this out on a radio show that was about a week old? I jumped out of bed into where Seán and Niall were working and told them to shush and listen because I was on the radio! Of course I wasn't! It was another Ruth, from Ireland, who was saved 8 years ago! What are the chances of that?! It was soooo embarrassing and funny!!

Little did I think that my email would eventually end up being read out, it's just so funny, well it is to me anyway:o)



Heather L. said...

So fun! :)

Cassandra said...

It's wonderful that God is using your testimony and experiences to encourage others. :)

Yay for the other Ruth who was also saved 8 years ago!