Thursday 24 September 2009

HS update.

Seán and I are trying something new with our home schooling, well new to us that is. Starting toda,y Seán is spending a week on just his maths. We have put away almost all his other books and are concentrating on maths and subjects relating to maths like tables, money, problem solving, shapes, working with the calculator etc. We also have several maths CD ROMs that we work with so, between his maths books, CD ROMs, maths board games etc, it should be an interesting week.

Also helping us out is our brother in the Lord and friend, Kevin. He will be coming over every Friday for the next month to work with Seán. Kevin is a real academic and has more letters after his name than you could shake a stick at, but he is also kind and patient and is very fond of Seán. This is not the first time that Kevin has shown an interest in Seán's home schooling and has gone the extra mile and helped Seán/me out. He is extremely busy, but you know the old saying, 'If you want anything done, ask somebody who is already busy', this indicates they are busy doing stuff that they should do and therefore are reliable. Well, that's Kevin for you.. or should I say for us!

In return for his kindness I'll give him his tea:o)

Also, another help we are getting for Seán is coming in the form of a sister in the Lord from Lithuania called Sigita. She is an excellent swimmer who swam for her country and she has agreed to take Seán to our local swimming pool every fortnight and teach him to swim properly. Seán is an OK swimmer but he has gone as far as he can and therefore needs direction and lessons. I am delighted with this kindness, and it is a great kindness because, like Kevin, she is doing it for free. All I have to pay for is their swimming fees.

I feel very grateful to these people and very grateful to God for placing me amongst such fine, giving, and kind brethren.

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