Thursday 17 September 2009


Here is a small project for Niall to get his teeth into. It's a blackcurrant bush and I didn't think it would survive being dug up so I trimmed it and left it there for the work men to work around. Anyway, I think it will look nice when there is something done with it.
I knew I would come in handy:0) Sitting on the job as it were.Here are my men doing their thing!

The finished article.

Time to have a snack, first apple of the year, lovely!


Cassandra said...

What a cute idea. :)

What kind of apples do you grow?

Ruth MacC said...

I haven't a clue! A friend gave them to us three years ago. However, they are very tasty.

Heather L. said...

So glad that Niall's procedure went well.

The decking in the back garden looks wonderful!!!!! And so do the apples. Homegrown apples must be the best.

Annie Blake said...

Oh my gosh I'm so behind here! Your yard looks fab xox