Wednesday 30 September 2009


Just letting you guys know that we are not going ahead with the ''Hells Bells' Christian video and we are rethinking the whole thing. I have been looking at the 20 minute pieces and think it is definitely too much for Sean...

I think it is geared more towards teenagers/adults. I got as far as 10 out of the 18 pieces and had to turn it off, it's just too awful. I spent ten years living with a musician who played in a soft rock band and to tell you the truth, I don't really want to go there...

We will continue to search out age appropiate material to teach Sean about the different kinds of music out there and also, I might start looking at what kind of Christian music is available for kids his age. Any ideas?


Tuesday 29 September 2009

To be continued...

We had our wee talk, Sean and I. We also sat and watched some of 'Hells Bells', a Christian documentary about rock music. (the first few minutes are a bit silly but stick with it. It's worth it) It is a bit dated but the essentials of what I needed were all there. We got it on U Tube in segments of 20 minute slots so we will be going back to it again.

I also let Sean see a DVD from one of Eminem's tracks. It was ok. Then I showed him the lyrics of another one of his songs that wasn't so ok. He needs to have a small idea of what's out there so he can realise how beautiful and how awful music can be, and be careful.

'Fore warned is fore armed'

Education is crucial for discernment and an informed conscience.

Anyway, after our talk Sean happily reconsidered what kind of music he had on his phone and happily deleted a couple of tracks;o)

Saturday 26 September 2009

'That' talk...

Yes, we are going to have 'That' talk with Sean tonight.
No, it's not about the facts of life, (we did that 2 years ago) it's far more complicated and explosive than that.
It's going to be about music.


He has an iPod touch, and a pretty decent mobile phone which he can easily transfer music from his friends phones via blue tooth, so he needs to know what some of the limits are.

There are some good music ministries out there that with God's help and guidance we can use to explain to Sean about the different styles of music there are, which are appropriate and which are not.

I think it may be tough, because being able to appreciate and enjoy music is a gift from God that shouldn't be abused, however, we all have our own individual tastes and Sean should be free to choose music that he likes... within certain limits.

Next month I hope to be taking him to his first concert in Belfast to hear The Gathers. It will be interesting to see what he makes of that :o)


Thursday 24 September 2009

HS update.

Seán and I are trying something new with our home schooling, well new to us that is. Starting toda,y Seán is spending a week on just his maths. We have put away almost all his other books and are concentrating on maths and subjects relating to maths like tables, money, problem solving, shapes, working with the calculator etc. We also have several maths CD ROMs that we work with so, between his maths books, CD ROMs, maths board games etc, it should be an interesting week.

Also helping us out is our brother in the Lord and friend, Kevin. He will be coming over every Friday for the next month to work with Seán. Kevin is a real academic and has more letters after his name than you could shake a stick at, but he is also kind and patient and is very fond of Seán. This is not the first time that Kevin has shown an interest in Seán's home schooling and has gone the extra mile and helped Seán/me out. He is extremely busy, but you know the old saying, 'If you want anything done, ask somebody who is already busy', this indicates they are busy doing stuff that they should do and therefore are reliable. Well, that's Kevin for you.. or should I say for us!

In return for his kindness I'll give him his tea:o)

Also, another help we are getting for Seán is coming in the form of a sister in the Lord from Lithuania called Sigita. She is an excellent swimmer who swam for her country and she has agreed to take Seán to our local swimming pool every fortnight and teach him to swim properly. Seán is an OK swimmer but he has gone as far as he can and therefore needs direction and lessons. I am delighted with this kindness, and it is a great kindness because, like Kevin, she is doing it for free. All I have to pay for is their swimming fees.

I feel very grateful to these people and very grateful to God for placing me amongst such fine, giving, and kind brethren.

Nine times tables

I found this great way to learn the nine times tables. It's on U Tube...

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Red letter morning

Sean and I had a great morning with the home schooling!

It got even better after I listened to a snippet of Bob Dylan's new charity Christmas album that is due to be released soon..
After listening to that, all other problems seem to shrink into insignificance...

Yes, it's that bad:o)

Poor guy.

Monday 21 September 2009

My one and only.

A taste of times to come? Sean is eleven and already a little melancholy. Any ideas of what books I should read to prepare myself (and him) for the teen years to come?

Saturday 19 September 2009

John Piper

Abortion and Minnesota Laws on Cruelty to Animals

September 16, 2009 | By: John Piper | Category: Commentary

In the “Minnesota Cruelty to Animals Statutes . . . Police Regulations,” Statute 343.21 subdivision 1 says, “No person shall . . . unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate or kill any animal.”

Subdivision 7 says, “No person shall willfully instigate or in any way further any act of cruelty to any animal.”

The penalty: “A person who fails to comply with any provision of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Question: If the eight-week-old human fetus (with beating heart, EKG, brain waves, thumb-sucking, pain sensitivity, finger-grasping, and genetic humanity) is not a human person with rights under the 14th Amendment (“no state shall deprive any person of life ... without due process of law”), then is the fetus at least an animal?

Could we at least charge abortion clinics with cruelty to animals under Statute 343.21 subdivision 7?

Why is it illegal to “maim, mutilate and kill” an animal in Minnesota, but not a pain-sensitive unborn human being?

Thursday 17 September 2009


Here is a small project for Niall to get his teeth into. It's a blackcurrant bush and I didn't think it would survive being dug up so I trimmed it and left it there for the work men to work around. Anyway, I think it will look nice when there is something done with it.
I knew I would come in handy:0) Sitting on the job as it were.Here are my men doing their thing!

The finished article.

Time to have a snack, first apple of the year, lovely!

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Home improvements

This is the reason we are able to keep Koke...

The back garden was only used for about four weeks this Summer because of all the rain. Normally it is like a swamp and nobody or animal could walk on the grass without it turning into mud and seeing as the dog has been escaping from the front garden, this, or sending him to the pound, were the only real options.

However, we as a family can benefit greatly having the decking as it means I can use my garden all year round and Sean and his friends can go in and out of his shed without messing up the kitchen floor:0)

We already had friends over last night and are planning a BBQ for Saturday if the weather holds.

Tuesday 15 September 2009


I am happy to report that everything went well for Niall yesterday. I am going to let him speak for himself and fill you in......

My cardioversion went ahead as scheduled yesterday. It was a success. However, they can't be sure if it'll be a long-term success for another month or two. Naturally, I hope this one procedure will suffice. The actual day went smoothly. the staff were, as always, fantastic. There was a trainee doctor from Ottawa, Ontario, two Sudanese doctors and a nurse who, it turns out, is a good friend of a niece of mine - small world! although I was in the ward from around 8.30am to 3.30pm the procedure itself only took a very short time. I was anaesthetised around 1.00pm and woke a half hour later. Of course, I had felt nothing and woke up thinking I was falling asleep. I was planning to take a photo on my phone when I realised that the whole thing was over. One thing I noticed very quickly, however, was that my monitor showed a heart rate of just over 60 whereas it had been over 80 beforehand. Also, the rhythm was regular again.
The cardiologist called an hour later and told me that he was very pleased with the way things had gone. However, I would still be on medicine for the next six weeks until they could check the long-term situation. Thankfully, though, they halved the beta-blockers. They are the tablets that are giving me the most grief - slowing me down and leaving me tired. He also stopped the tablets for cholesterol, since my level isn't very high to start with.
So, I continue on the Warfarin and Emcor for another six weeks and go back to get a portable heart monitor fitted for 24 hours. They will assess my heart condition from the data it collects and decide what needs to happen long-term.
The only drawback to the cardioversion is the after irritating itch I have where one of the pads was stuck to my chest. They had warned me that there can be a slight sunburn-like effect. They were right. So, I'm using after-sun mousse - without having been in the sun!
My only regret? Not having a video recording of the cardioversion itself. Oh well.

Friday 11 September 2009

Just a little something to share:o)

The other day I got a parcel in the post. I took it up stairs and said to Seán, 'I've got a parcel in the post from 'Grace To You!'
He looked up from his school work all excited and said 'Grace sent me a parcel from America?!'
(Yes, he has a friend called Grace living in the US)

Poor fella, it was from John MacArthur's 'Grace To You (GTY)/Martin Lloyd Jones' and had a book in it along with the Autumn/Winter News Letter that has my testimony printed in it.

I've got to say it was very funny, well it was to me anyway:o)

Here is something else, I got this email from the Director of GTY in Europe...

Hi Ruth

Did you hear John MacArthur read your letter out on the radio today?



D.Paul Mitchell - Director - Grace To You (Europe)

I don't listen to the radio show but I do listen to them on the podcast when I am doing the ironing and every Sunday when I get home after the Church service while waiting for lunch, so I must have a wee listen to this particular show. I think I should be able to get it on or around the 10th of this month.

I think it will be pretty weird listening to it, almost as weird as seeing my testimony in the newsletter with photo and all.

They did go into some detail that I had left out of my original testimony. It was to do with a relationship I had been in when I got saved. I had forgotten that I had mentioned it in my original email to GTY. It was a bit of a surprise/shock to see it in print!

Ah, but then again, God settled all that kind of stuff with me years ago. I know He is in control of everything and I know that He will mind me, guide me and direct me as my testimony goes out and about. In some things I still have the 'fear of man' but not in regards to my testimony. I know He is minding me and my family and I'm not afraid about that.

Let me tell you how I got in contact with GTY.
One morning a few months ago I was sitting up in bed listening to one of John's podcasts and at the end of the show the presenter said that if anybody had been encouraged by GTY to please email them and let them know and encourage them in return. Well, I have been encouraged by them since I was saved 8 years ago so I emailed them straight away. I gave details of my salvation and how finding John's tapes in the Church Centre while cleaning it and listening to them, and later receiving free Cd's and books really helped me.

Anyway, a few minutes later I put on another podcast and John was being interviewed. He said he had an email from a woman from Ireland, called Ruth who got saved 8 years ago! My head went into a spin! How was it possible that he was reading this out on a radio show that was about a week old? I jumped out of bed into where Seán and Niall were working and told them to shush and listen because I was on the radio! Of course I wasn't! It was another Ruth, from Ireland, who was saved 8 years ago! What are the chances of that?! It was soooo embarrassing and funny!!

Little did I think that my email would eventually end up being read out, it's just so funny, well it is to me anyway:o)


Monday 7 September 2009


I was asking some of the kids at the Church Centre last night what they would like for Christmas and when I got around to asking Sean this is what he would like; Either a sailing boat or a violin. Well, there's a no brainer:0) or so I thought.
I said this to Niall last night and he said that with Sean, you wouldn't know, he might be looking for a Stradivaris!

sail boat: Sailboat on ocean stock photos

Friday 4 September 2009


But the climax of the glory of His (Jesus) life on earth was the way it ended. It was as if all the darker colors in the spectrum of glory came together in the most beautiful sunset on Good Friday, with the crucified Christ as the blood-red sun in the crimson sky. And it was as if all the brighter colors in the spectrum of glory came together in the most beautiful sunrise on Easter morning, with the risen Christ as the golden sun shining in full strength. Both the glory of the sunset and the glory of the sunrise shone on the horizon of a lifetime of incomparably beautiful love.

'God Is The Gospel'.

Thursday 3 September 2009

A great/lousy Summer

There is no doubt about it, if you were in my shoes it may look to you that our little family here in Dundalk has had a lousy Summer... but!

Niall has had a tough time with his health, having to stay in hospital for the guts of a week and being on medication that has slowed him down to such a degree that he can barley work. He was in again last night with a complication connected to his problem but thankfully they sent him home with some antibiotics. He hopes to have his procedure done in a fortnights time, where I think they will stop his heat with shock treatment and start it again.

Sean had a very rough time in relation to his friends and when that happens it effects me too. It saddens and botheres me to see him so upset. Thankfully though things seem to be sorting themselves out a bit and it's not so tough on him now. He also had a stint in hospital a couple of weeks ago due to a severe asthma attack.

My step mum passed away last week and that had it's own sadness.

However, I have to say that all these things (and more) cannot compare to the good things that have also been happening this Summer:o)

We (the Church) got over 1,200 Bibles out into the homes in Blackrock. They have been pegged for Blackrock and sitting in boxes in the Church Centre for over two years now and this, in my mind, is a great achievement and a 7 year old dream come true.

The Holiday Bible Club happened this year and once again the children in this estate had the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed to them.

Sean's adoption finally came through:o)

On the morning of my step mothers death God comforted and prepared me in a BIG way through scripture. When I got the phone call I was more than prepared for the news and God continued to help me throughout the wake and funeral.

Also, when we had to take Sean to the hospital at midnight, that morning and whole day, I felt God's presence with me in a very strong and almost tangible way. I felt so close to him. He stayed with me and took me through the stress and upset of watching Sean suffer.

It looks like one of my sisters may have been saved by God last week but I am still waiting and praying about it. I will write about that on another day but as you can imagine, just the mere thoughts of her being saved gives me a joy that I can hardly contain.

On Tuesday I received a copy of the Autumn/Winter newsletter from Grace To You/Martin Lloyd Jones Trust that has my testimony in it. Thousands will be posted to homes throughout Europe and it will also be on the Internet for Europe and the US, so this too is a big thing for me, something I am happy about.

Like I said, last night Niall and I had to go to the hospital. I prayed on the way up in the car and then put Christian booklets and magazines in my bag to leave in the waiting rooms etc. I always do this, if anybody needs God's help it is the poor unfortunates who have to visit A&E day or night with sick children, parents, partners etc, not to mention the overworked staff.
Anyway, just before we left at about one in the morning I couldn't help but overhear a nurse talking to somebody asking them if they ever tried to take their life before. I mentioned this to Niall and he reminded me that there was an article in the Christian magazine about suicide so I prayed hard to God and then just popped into the room. There was a young girl lying on a bed and a young man sitting across the room from her. I smiled, said hi and handed the magazine to her, suggesting she read it. God knows... She was just a kid really.

So, the point I am making is that through the tough times God has drawn me closer to Him and that looking back I feel that the problems and tough times are only ant hills compared to the HUGE blessings that God has heaped on me.

Thank you for your prayers, I can tell you that God has been listening and has blessed me over and above anything I could have ever hoped for let alone expected. Once again He has come through, swept me up in His arms and turned a lousy Summer into a great one for me:o)


Tuesday 1 September 2009


This evening we are having a special tea to celebrate two things. Firstly, Sean started sixth class today and secondly, Grace To You sent me a copy of their Autumn/Winter News Letter that has my testimony in it.

I explained here about how the testimony ended up on this News Letter.