Tuesday 4 August 2009

Wisdome for our day.

At a time when all the issues of providence with respect to the public affairs of these nations are confused, the footsteps of God being in the deep, and His paths not known; when unparalleled distresses and strange prosperities are measured out to men, even to professors; when a spirit of error, folly, and delusion goes forth with such strength and power that it seems to have received a commission to go and prosper (see Kings 22:12-15); and when there is so much division, strife, and rivalry, together with such evil imaginations,wrath, and revenge among brethren; when the desperate outcomes of men's temptations are seen daily in partial and total apostasy, the decay of love, the overthrow of faith, our days being filled with such fearful examples of backsliding as former ages never knew; when there is a visible decline from reformation seen among the profession Christians of these nations, both in personal holiness and in zeal for Christ, anyone who does not perceive that there is an 'hour of temptation' come upon the world, to try those who dwell upon the earth (see Rev 3:10), must either be himself taken captive by the power of some woeful lust, corruption, or temptation, or is indeed utterly blind, not knowing at all what it is to serve God in temptations.

These words were first published in 1658 and written by John Owen.

Words that easily apply to today.

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