Thursday 13 August 2009


The Holiday Bible Club is going really well with between 21 - 25 children attending every day. Our visiting team from Banbridge are doing a FANTASTIC job with the children.

I start the day early by opening the Community Centre and getting it ready for the team and children. I took along the coffee pot and most of us have a coffee before we start. A little thing I picked up from Jeff & Jean:0) We have a chat and then pray and after preparing a couple of things we are ready. The children are enjoying it and the couple we expected to be a bit rowdy are pretty much behaving themselves which is a big bonus.

We have a story time, Bible verse, song, sport and then we end with a craft.

Four women from the Church have been cooking and serving and cleaning up after lunch every day and I think that in itself can feel like a day's work, so well done to them.

When the Bible Club is finished for the day we all go to the Church Centre for lunch, relax, have a chat and then we head off in three teams. One to deliver Bibles in the village (I am in this one), another to hand out leaflets for the youth night tonight and the third to give out Christian magazines. This leaves us pretty tired but happy. So far we have handed out hundreds of magazines and hundreds of Bibles.

Tonight we have the Teenage outreach at our Centre. I am home having tea etc, Niall has taken the dog to get his worm tablets, Sean's Russian teacher will be here at six, and then out we go again...

... I love it!



Debbie in CA : ) said...

Well done, faithful servant. : D

Heather L. said...

I enjoy hearing about the various ministries your church is involved in and how you all pitch in to help. Glad the Bible school has gone well.