Monday 3 August 2009

Sunday every day.

Niall and I were talking the other night about what it would be like here in Dundalk if people didn't get drunk. What changes there would be...

Just think about it, think about all the things that would be different in this town.

Think of the difference it would make in A&E. I hate to think how much energy, time and cost is used up in our hospital every week that is related to drunkenness. You would only have to go for a quick visit on any Friday/Saturday/Sunday night to see the mayhem there. (and on these mornings too) Think of the staff that could be placed in other much needed areas in our hospitals and think of the money saved that could go to other needs.

Then think of the Garda. How much of their time is used up every week on having to deal with drunkenness. Think of the crimes committed by drunkards. Think of the anti social behaviour.

Think of the accidents, car crashes, joy riding and think of how many lives would be spared if there was no drunkenness. Think of the many families that wouldn't have to go through years of mourning.

Think of all the wife/husband/children beatings that would end, straight away.

Think of the happy lives families could have, more money for paying the bills, more time spent with families on holidays etc.

Think of the lives saved from the misery of suicide.

Think of all the broken marriages that would be rescued.

How less our car insurances would cost. How much less tax we would have to pay.

Think about how few pubs and discos there would be.

Think about how this town would change.

And recession? Just think of the money that would normally be spent on drink, being spent in the town and how this would improve things.

The list really does go on and on.

Would we want a change like this?

How could a change like this take place?

If it was left up to us it would be hopeless. We don't even want the change let alone be able to.

There is only one way.

When people turn away from their sins, (and drunkenness is a sin) to God, in true and real repentance, when they are ready to hand over their lives to God to do what He wills with them and when they accept Jesus, God's son as their Saviour and God, then the Holy Spirit enters into them and He starts to change them.
No, you don't have to try to be good. You don't have to give up drinking. God takes this desire of drunkenness away from you and you willingly stop.

This same truth applies to theft, adultery, hatred/murder, covetousness and all the other sins that make our lives and the lives of our loved ones/country men a living misery.

It's called salvation, being saved, being converted... being changed into the likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It's called 'a taste of Heaven on Earth!'

Eventually it will be a perpetual Sabbath.

By the way, Niall just came home and told me that there is a billboard about drunkenness in the town so I put it on above. Here is a Link to the site that has this poster on it along with a short video campaigning people to know when they have had enough to drink.


Jeff Whitfield said...

Well said!

Cassandra said...

Amen! I can't wait until we have a perpetual Sabbath. :)

Annie Blake said...

That day may be coming...