Saturday 22 August 2009

Just thinking.

Sean is home and we are taking it easy because he is still weak after his stay in hospital.

I am thinking about what David said; 'Remember not the sins of my youth'.

I am praying for Sean's salvation and thinking about my own life when I was his age and older. All the stuff I got up to. All the sin. All the guilt.

I am hoping that God will save him, and save him soon.

I know it's not all about Sean and it's not all about me and Niall. It's all about God.
The offences we cause against Him. A whole lifetime's worth of them. It's about Him choosing to forgive them, to punish His own sinless Son for them, and then for Him to spend eternity with us.

Loving us and being loved by us.



Heather L. said...

So glad Sean is home. Also praying for Sean...

Ruth MacC said...

Thank you Heather...:0)

I think people who has health problems themselves understand more about others that suffer and have more compassion.

Cassandra said...

Glad to hear Sean is home and that he's doing better!