Monday 10 August 2009

Holiday Bible Club/ My 8th Birthday!

The Lord saved me 8 years ago today!

This wonderful anniversary coincided with the first day of out Holiday Bible Club here in our estate. A team of eight p
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eople from the Church in Banbridge had joined us for the work this year. The club was on this morning and twenty one children attended which is pretty good:0) They did great work today and after the club we went to the Church Centre for a nice lunch that Katie, Mary and Marguerite prepared for us all. Then some of us went to the Marshes Shopping Centre to hand out invites to a youth night we are planning at the Centre on Thursday night, some of us went into town to distribute christian magazines, and some of us went to Blackrock to distribute Bibles into the homes there. We plan to continue this work every day until Friday. This evening some of the team are joining our guys live on the christian radio show at seven.

I am particularly delighted today. I feel very blessed by God for lots of reasons. Than my birthday fell on the first day of the Club, that the outreach is still going on in my estate and anybody who knows me well will know that it has been a desire of mine to have my testimony and a Bible put into the homes of my home village, Blackrock for almost eight years now. Seven years ago an American team working with us distributed over two thousand (I think) booklets of my testimony into the homes in the village and this year the second half of this plan is coming to fruition; the Bibles.

This Autumn/Winter Grace to You have included some of my testimony in their newsletter which will be distributed all over Europe so between one thing and another there is a lot of good stuff happening and I am VERY happy:0)

If you have a moment, please pray for my little family here , for as as we all know, when the Lord works, other things generally follow, and not necessarily good things. We have been under a lot of pressure what with Niall being in hospital and lots of other things that have been going on in our lives. So far, we have been more than able to face each and every trial, with Gods help and hope that if they continue, that we will continue to be more than conquerors through Him that straightens us.

Please pray for Sean's salvation? I cant help but think of him during this Bible Club and hope that the Hold Spirit will talk to him...Starting the Bible Club the right way, with prayer.
In the Centre with others getting over a thousand Bibles prepared for Blackrock.


FancyHorse said...

Yes, I'll be praying for you and your family, esp. Sean.

Happy Birthday!

Heather L. said...

Will be praying for you and i do pray for Sean and will keep doing so. So excited for you for how much is happening in your estate and with the church. I agree that often things like that coincide with other, not so pleasant things.